GC Index Solutions

Roles for People, People for Roles

We help organizations match people to roles in a more insightful way. This requires a multi-dimensional understanding of employees and jobs, spanning skills, experience, individual enthusiasms, and company and team culture.

Me and My Team

Teams are the building blocks of business operations. Most of the important results in any business emerge from the successful efforts of teams. It is common for individuals to belong to more than one team in an organization and that can bring benefits but can also introduce stress and conflicts. When teams operate in a sub-optimal fashion, business results are negatively impacted too.

Beating the Odds

The reasons for the frequent failure of transformation projects have been comprehensively documented. Despite all of the attention, the rate of success remains stubbornly low, falling far short of delivering the expected business benefits on time and within budget.

We help you create a business environment in which projects are more likely to deliver the expected outcomes. It’s all about people (their skills and proclivities), company culture, and setting the right priorities.